Editorial by Kevin McQuade

Sustainability is a major success factor for the future of INEOS Styrolution and firmly integrated into all of our decision-making processes. The sustainability of our products, operations and business performance are of critical importance to our customers, investors, shareholders, employees and the communities we operate in. For customers a robust sustainability program has become a key criterion in their buying decisions. They look to their suppliers to provide sustainable solutions and products while insisting safeguards are put in place to ensure the safety, quality and regulatory adherence of our manufacturing operations and business conduct. That is why we address global sustainability concerns, for example in the areas of resource scarcity, energy efficiency, climate change and rising living standards in emerging and developing countries, by collaborating closely with our customers and business partners along the value chain. 

Since the inception of our company in 2011, we have driven various sustainability-related initiatives and integrated those into a unified framework: INEOS Styrolution’s sustainability program. With the publication of our first qualitative report, “Living Sustainability. Together.”, in December 2015, we laid the groundwork for our first quantitative report, which complies with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines G4, the acknowledged benchmark reporting standard in this field.

Since our last report was released, our sustainability program earned a silver rating from EcoVadis, an independent assessor of corporate sustainability performance. This external rating places us in the upper third of companies in the category of plastics manufacturing.

In our first GRI report “Living Sustainability. Together.”, published in August 2016, we provide further transparency on how continuous improvement is built into our operations and business practices. We are committed to annual and transparent reporting on our performance.

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